cause of your back or neck pain Spinal stenosis

What is the cause of your back or neck pain? Spinal stenosis is the reason?

October 5, 2020



People experience back or neck pain due to many reasons. Some people experience stiffness, numbness or pain depending on their condition of the spine. In this blog, we are going to discuss the back pain and spinal stenosis. If you are facing any type of back pain then contact the doctor for spine surgery in Ludhiana.

Do you know your spine is also known as vertebrae which are further divided into 4 categories such as cervical curve, thoracic curve, lumbar curve, sacral curve? Do you know the vertebral column is having 3 types of space that are mentioned below:

  • Space between vertebrae
  • Canals
  • Space at the centre of the spine


The spinal stenosis is known as the shrinking of any of the above-mentioned areas resulting in mild to severe pain.

What are the symptoms of spinal stenosis?

  • Person experience numbness
  • Person experience stiffness
  • Person experience backache
  • The person faces bladder problems
  • The person faces bowel problems


What are the causes of it?

Do you know some people born with such conditions which cause spinal stenosis whereas some people are experiencing due to the ageing process? There are some more factors causing spinal stenosis mentioned below:

  • Any type of injury
  • The person is having the tumors
  • The person is having paget disease of bone
  • Ossification of ligaments


What is the treatment for spinal stenosis?

There is both surgical and non-surgical treatment depending upon the condition of the patient.

Non-surgical treatment


If the patient is having mild symptoms then doctor advice to cure your problem with non-surgical treatments that are mentioned below:

  • By doing exercise daily

The person should do exercises regularly no matter if he is experiencing any problem or not for strength, endurance, stability. Patients having lumbar stenosis will be seen doing cycling. The doctor advised them to do cycling which counted as the best exercise for them.

  • Activity

The person should modify their day to day movements and activities to reduce the pressure putting on your back. You should focus on your posture as well as movements on a daily basis. If your neck is hurting by looking at a computer screen or experiencing difficulty in holding the groceries bags. Then you should take care of yourself otherwise your mistakes will put you in trouble.

  • Chiropractic care

Professionals will not only provide you with proper care but also helps you in getting rid of your problem. Do not forget to discuss your problem with an orthopaedic specialist before starting chiropractic care because some techniques can lead to severe pain.

Surgical treatment

The person who is experiencing major pain he is having no other option rather than undergoing the surgery. They should contact the best team of specialists for the surgery. Remember to check the experience of the surgeon, location, qualification before consulting him.


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