What does the recovery from spinal surgery for back pain feel like

What does the recovery from spinal surgery for back pain feel like?

September 24, 2020


Back pain is the common problem experienced by people with age, or sometimes it can be due to some other reason. The person needs to address the pain on time, otherwise, it can increase in the future.

Going through X-rays and MRI

One of our patients named Rakesh consulted us for a back pain problem. His professional was farming. So, most of his time he was outdoors working to support his family. In his college years, he had the issue of the back for the first time. When doctors did X-ray, and MRI that showed he has spondylolisthesis.

How does the pain feel?

The pain was categorized as S1 nerve pain that wraps around the leg. Sometimes it was extremely bad, and sometimes he would feel completely normal. But, eventually, it reached the point he needed to take the right step. Nearly, after spending 30 years with this pain, he decided to consult our spine doctor.

Started with non-invasive therapy

At first, our doctor started with non-invasive therapies to treat back pain. Later, he had to get laparoscopic surgery to address the issue of herniation and bulging. After the session of physical therapy, with our doctor, he started feeling better.

But, a few years back his back pain problem started again. This time, our doctor started the physical therapy along with injections. No doubt, having chronic pain is the worst nightmare which no one wants to experience.

He was such an active guy, who just wanted to do the work on time. By undergoing the spinal surgery from our doctor he felt better. After 5 months of post-surgery, he consulted the doctor again.

 Following the surgeon guideline

Rakesh was extremely careful with the surgeon’s guidelines. By doing so, it helped him to feel better, and he recovered on time. Our surgeon made sure to address all the issues he had and helped him to manage his daily routine without any stress.

Additional tips for Recovery

  • Our surgeon always suggests the patient concern him right away, if they feel unwanted pain. Pain management is an important part of the process, and with the doctor’s suggestions it becomes easy, and the recovery is on time.
  • Additionally, you should wear comfortable clothing, keep your body posture correct, and apply heat & ice application frequently. Applying heat to the surgical area will increase the blood flow to the issues.
  • Make sure you sleep comfortably by elevating the head, shoulder, or upper back. When you sleep in incorrect body posture it gives your body the rest it needs.
  • You should stretch regularly as directed by your physician and do safe stretches as suggested by your surgeon.

Undergoing spine surgery for back pain can help you get the relief you want. For more information, you can book your consultation with our surgeon today only.

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