What do you need to expect while undergoing spine surgery for low back pain

What do you need to expect while undergoing spine surgery for low back pain?

August 22, 2020



Deciding on when to see the spine surgeon for possible low back surgery is somewhat dependent on the surgery type which needs to be considered. If the surgery includes more healing time then a more concentrated treatment plan needs to be included to get the best results. Given below are the few outlines on what to expect while visiting spine hospital in Ludhiana.


What to expect in spine surgery for leg pain?

  • If the patient experienced leg pain then it is due to a pinched nerve. If the pain does not go away after getting conservative treatment for 4 to 6 weeks, then an MRI scan needs to be performed to check if there is a pinching nerve or not.
  • If the nerve is in pressure then injection or lumbar decompression spine surgery needs to be performed to take away the pressure from the nerves. Back surgery can be performed with a minimally invasive method and you can get back to a normal working routine within 1 to 3 weeks.

After the surgery, around 90 percent of the patients can get relief from leg pain and live a normal life they want.


What to expect in surgery for low back pain?

Surgery to treat low back pain can be far from the extensive type of back surgery which takes longer healing time and the success rate is also lower as compared to back surgery for a pinched nerve.

In case, the patient is not able to get relief within 6 to 12 months of conservative treatment then fusion surgery is recommended. To make sure you get the best treatment plan, get in touch with our spine surgeon today only.


What recovery pattern do you need to follow for low back pain or leg pain?

  • Following the spine surgery, it takes around 3 to 12 months to get back to normal daily activities and the success rate for the pain relief is around 70 and 90 percent, depending on what type of condition of spine surgery is being treated.
  • The option of total disc replacement or artificial disc surgery is there for the issue of low back pain. The patients who are 55 or older with symptoms of leg or back pain are due to degenerative arthritis which can result in a narrowing of the canal or there can be an unstable vertebral segment.

It is possible that symptoms are present for years and they can get worse at a very slow rate. Due to low back pain, the patient is not able to do the task properly. So, the doctor will suggest the treatment accordingly which improves your quality of life.



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