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What are the topmost signs and symptoms of spinal stenosis condition?

July 8, 2020


Given below are some of the top signs and symptoms of spinal stenosis:

Neurogenic claudication

When the lower back nerves get compressed, you may experience neurogenic claudication in the legs. Neurogenic claudication shows the following features which include:

  • Increased pain or numbness in the legs when you walk variable distance and while bending the spine backward.
  • Numbness in the legs or constant pain while standing.
  • Improvement or resolution of pain or numbness with rest.
  • The difficulty is doing upright activities or exercises.

The pain with this condition gets reduced when the spine is bent forward such as squatting, sitting, walker, or leaning forward. The doctor will help to differentiate between vascular claudication and neurogenic claudication.

If the pain is not going away, then the doctor will suggest you to undergo spine surgery in Ludhiana.



The compression of the nerve roots in the lower back can lead to lumbar radiculopathy or sciatica. The problem is experienced as nerve pain and weakness is felt in one leg.



Gait problem

Spinal stenosis can affect walking in different ways which depends on the location within the spine. For example:

  • Lumbar spinal stenosis (in the lower back) can result in gait issues because of foot drop. This condition can also result in weakness in leg muscles and thigh such as the calves and quadriceps.
  • Cervical spinal stenosis (in the neck) with spinal cord compression can affect the balance while walking especially when you are in the dark. However, if there is cervical spine stenosis with a pinched nerve will not result in imbalance.

Changes in the gait are not so much visible in the first place. With time, the conditions will progressively increase.


Foot drop

Compression of the L4 and L5 nerve roots in the lower spine may result in motor weakness in the foot which results in foot drop. The condition will result in weakness while you attempt to lift the foot or toes upward.


Increased arm pain

Cervical spinal stenosis can result in mild to moderate burning or shock-like pain in the shoulder, neck, or arms. The person can have abnormal sensation such as crawling, tingling, or numbness can be felt in both hands. The hands and arms can feel weak.


Fine motor skills working gets affected

Spinal stenosis in the cervical spine can make the person difficult to do things which include fine motor skills of the hand like buttoning the shirt. Additionally, the person can face difficulty writing things, or even holding a pen will be difficult. If you are having these symptoms, then you need to consult the doctor before the symptoms get worse.


What are the red-flag signs of spinal stenosis?

It is very rare, spinal stenosis can result in red flag signs such as bladder or bowel incontinence, numbness in the inner thigh and genital area, or weakness in the legs. For more information about the symptoms and to get the best treatment plan you should consult the doctor on time.

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