What are the top reasons for lack of sleep which can lead to back pain?

August 8, 2020


Most of the people think that back pain can be resolved just by sleeping. But, painful spasms or knots in the back muscles are going to make it difficult for the person to have a peaceful sleep or stay asleep at night.

However, sleeping can be a source of back pain. If you skip sleep or not sleeping for enough time then it can cause back pain or make it worse with time. You need to consult the doctor and he can suggest what needs to be done to solve the issue. In some cases, the patient needs to get spine surgery in Ludhiana to live a peaceful life. Given below are the top reasons which make your back pain issue worse by sleeping:

  • Improper sleep leads to chronic pain

Little sleep hiccups throughout the night when you wake up and they are for all night can lead to chronic pain. One of the studies has found that improper sleep is less able to control pain signals and the person can experience spontaneous pain. Chronic pain due to improper sleep can make your pain and sleep pattern worse.

  • Poor sleep leads to chronic pain

The worse your sleep, the pain you experience gets worse. People who do not get enough sleep have more intense reactions to pain as compared to people who have a peaceful sleep.

Additionally, people with rheumatoid arthritis can have aggravated mood problems, and sleeping patterns get affected and arthritis-related joint pain can increase. Sometimes, people are more sensitive to pain. If you are facing problems in excess then consult the doctor right away.

  • Poor sleep leads to inflammation

You might be thinking about inflammation and how it is linked to back pain. Simply, inflammation gets stirred up in the body when there is something wrong and you are healing from a cut or fighting with a virus.

Inflammation can make the entire situation worse. If the person does not get enough sleep it can lead to an overactive immune system which means inflammation is increased and makes the existing condition worse.

  • Less sleep can affect next-day pain

If your sleep is not proper then it can lead to increased next-day pain. If you sleep for less than 6 hours then reports have shown that pain increases a lot. On the other hand, having 9 hours of sleep is also known for making pain worse.

  • A single night of sleep deprivation leads to increased pain

If the person does not sleep for just one night the pain can be sensitive and make the person much more anxious.

  • Pain Relievers do not work correctly

Studies have shown that if a person does not sleep correctly then the pain relievers do not work the way they need to. The production of things cannot leave any effect on pain.

For more information, you should consult the spine doctor and he can suggest you best treatment plan for your condition.

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