What are the most common misconceptions which revolve around spine surgery

What are the most common misconceptions which revolve around spine surgery?

October 8, 2020


Many people think that undergoing spine surgery in Ludhiana is scary and painful. A lot of misconceptions revolve around its surgical procedure.  You might have heard about things which are completely false which includes:

  • Spine surgery has a high risk of complications.
  • One surgery leads to another.
  • Spine surgeons always think you need surgery.
  • Recovery takes a long time.

Knowledge is important

About 80% of adults experience back pain at some point in their lives but it takes a few weeks to heal. Few people suffer from chronic back pain. In other words, the pain can continue for around months without improvement. If the pain is in excess, then it can impact your quality of life like:

  • The person has difficulty sleeping
  • Makes it difficult to work.
  • Limited movement.
  • Causes stress and leads to emotional pain.

In most cases, non-surgical methods help to reduce chronic pain. However, if you do not see improvement within 12 weeks then it is important to undergo the surgery with an experienced doctor. Consulting the doctor will help you find the best surgical option for you and you won’t make any misleading decision. You must get the facts on spine surgery by consulting the experienced surgeon.

Misconception: Complications are high after spine surgery

All surgical options have complications and spine surgery is no different from others. But, spine surgery has less risk as compared to other surgical methods. All this is possible because of the advanced technology and minimally invasive surgery which results in small incisions and ultimately less bleeding.

Misconception: Recovery takes months after spine surgery

Traditional back surgery takes time to recover but open surgery is not needed. In most cases, the doctor performs minimally invasive spine surgery which makes the recovery better and smooth. During the surgery, the surgeon will:

  • Make the incision the size of the retractor.
  • Place the soft tissue over the guidewire.
  • Insert the guidewire to the spine problematic part.
  • Place many dilators which each step up in diameter till the time the tunnel size is of the retractor.
  • Finally, insert the tubular retractor.

 Minimally invasive spine surgery offers benefits.

  • Pushes soft tissue aside.
  • No need to cut or remove surrounding muscle tissue.
  • Short hospital stay
  • Makes a tunnel to the problem area of the spine.
  • Less pain because of the need for local anesthetic.
  • Less bleeding.
  • Speedy recovery.
  • Less scarring.

Misconception: I need to undergo surgery more than once

Severe spine surgery might need multiple surgical procedures. However, most people need to undergo just one surgical procedure. The spine surgery success rate is around 70% to 90%. It is possible that you need to make certain lifestyle changes to maintain the results and it reduces the chances of another back surgery. You need to stop:

  • Quit drinking
  • Do strengthening exercises and perform stretches
  • Lose weight.
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