What are the common situations which tell you to need to get back surgery

What are the common situations which tell you to need to get back surgery?

September 10, 2020



Back pain is extremely common and getting the best treatment plan is important. You need to find out the reason behind it. Consulting the surgeon for spine surgery in Ludhiana is going to tell you whether the surgery works for you or not.

Back surgery can help to relieve some of the causes of back pain. In most cases, the pain resolves within 3 months. If it does not go away then seek medical help right away.


Do you need to undergo back surgery?

Back surgery is an option if conservative treatment does not work and the pain is persistent. Back surgery can relieve the associated pain or numbness which goes down one or both legs and arms. The symptoms are caused by compressed nerves in the spine. The nerve can get compressed because of the following reasons which include:

  • Disk problems

Bulging or ruptured disks — the rubbery cushions which separate the spine bone can get pressed tightly against the spinal nerve and its functioning is impacted.

  • Overgrowth of bone

Osteoarthritis can lead to bone spurs in the spine. This bone can affect the hinge joints which are on the back part of the spinal column and there is narrow space that is available for nerves so that they can pass through the spine opening.

Sometimes it is difficult to know the exact cause of back pain. Sometimes, the disk problem or bone spurs are shown through X-ray. In some cases, the problem does not result in symptoms and no treatment is required.


Types of back surgery

Different types of back surgery include:

  • Diskectomy

Discectomy includes removing the herniated portion of the disk to get relief from inflammation and irritation of the nerve. The ruptured disk can be assessed through full or partial removal of the back portion.

  • Fusion

Spinal fusion connects 2 or more bones permanently in the spine. The pain is reduced, and it increases spine stability. It eliminates the painful motion that is between vertebrae that have occurred to injured disk or degenerated disk.

  • Laminectomy

A laminectomy is done to remove the bone that is over the spinal canal. The nerve pressure is reduced that can occur due to spinal stenosis.

  • Artificial disks

An artificial disk is an alternative to spinal fusion. It is considered the best option for the person who has a painful movement caused by an injured disk or degenerated disk.


Consider the different options

Before you agree to get back surgery, you need to consult an experienced spine surgeon. Spine surgery holds a different opinion on how you need to prepare for the surgery, what type of method can solve your spine issue. Keep in mind leg and back issues are complex, so consulting the skilled spine doctor is important.

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