spinal disk problems its different types

What are spinal disk problems and what you need to know about its different types?

October 26, 2020


What are spinal disk problems?

Every movement can make it worse and the pain is the warning signal which you need to give importance to. If you take appropriate action then it helps to reduce the discomfort and getting the treatment on time corrects the issue. If the problem is not solving then consult the doctor. He will tell you whether you need to undergo spine surgery in Ludhiana to correct the issue.

Spinal disks are rubbery pads between the vertebrae which help to make the spinal column. The points on which the vertebrae are held in place by the ligaments which connect the spinal bones and surrounds the muscle. The facet joints are separate from the discs and they ensure that the vertebrae are not twisting or bending excessively as it can damage the spinal cord and nerves which run through the spinal canal.

By early adulthood, the blood supply to the disk has stopped and the inner material gets soft and the disk becomes less elastic. During middle age, the discs are unyielding and tough with the hard rubber. The changes are because of aging which makes the outer protective lining weaker and the disk is more susceptible to getting an injury.

Spinal Disk Problems — Herniated Disk

Due to stress, the disk inner material can get swollen and its push through the outer membrane. The problem can result in bulging spots or the disk becoming distorted. Due to injury, the core material can get impacted which press against the nerves. When pressure is caused on the spinal membrane it can tear or rupture the disk which leaves pressure on the spinal cord. When the nerves are impacted, the pain can reach the arm or legs.

Herniated disks are common in women and men. People who do regular and moderate exercise are much less likely to suffer from disk issues. The person must maintain a normal weight by doing exercise.

 Spinal Disk Problem — Degenerative Disk Disease

In some cases, the disk issues are linked together which comes under the term of degenerative disk disease. If you see changes in the disk then it can occur due to the aging process. When we grow older, there is a gradual loss of flexibility in the bones.

However, disk degeneration is far more serious in people. The patient case can become severe which is because of collagen deficiency and the material makes up the cartilage. Obesity, poor posture, and poor muscle tone will put a strain on the spine and ligaments which helps the disks to stay in place.




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