types of Spine Surgery to treat several spinal problems

Everything you need to know about undergoing the spine surgery

June 26, 2020


How to know when you need spine surgery?

When someone comes to us with severe symptoms, the first thing we do is to do a proper evaluation. If a person is experiencing low back pain or neck pain, we encourage them to maintain a stable and good physical regime so that the issue is solved on time.

If the problem is not solved with physical activity then counter treatment is given or pain treatment. The only 2 important things which have helped the patient with back and spine issues are time and undergoing spine surgery in Ludhiana.

Anything else which is used helps in managing the symptoms. If anything does not work in your favor the surgery is suggested. If the person had a spinal cord, then it can result in leg or arm weakness. In case, you have tried all the conservative treatment but nothing worked then surgery is the ideal choice.


How traditional spine surgery is different from minimally invasive spine surgery?

  • Traditional open surgery includes checking the entire anatomy. This means the recovery is easier for the patients. Additionally, there is the use of final navigation, CAT scans, and 3D images which helps to get the best possible results.
  • The goal of traditional or minimally invasive spine surgery is the same. The same overall improvement in the symptoms is seen with this method. The important part is to prevent blood loss, faster recovery, and lower infection rates.

Surgery puts pressure on the body, so every possible effort is made to minimize the trauma of surgery. So, if there is a technique or tool which makes everything easier to manage will be used by the spine surgeon.


What types of ailments are treated by the spine surgeon?

The doctor will treat patients with symptoms in legs or arms that occur with nerve problems. Patients will come with issues regarding the degenerative disc disease, scoliosis, and patients facing issues of spinal stability which is linked with neck and back pain.


How to find the best spine surgeon?

Consulting the best spine surgeon will focus on patient care and giving excellent results. The surgeon will focus on the new techniques and approaches which can help the patient to get better results.

The spine surgeon needs to listen to his or her patients and help them give the best treatment plan. If you are looking for help, then visit our spine surgeon as he is renowned and has years of experience giving effective treatment to every individual.


What are the different types of spine surgery?

Some of the traditional spine surgery includes traditional lumbar fusion, laminectomy, and microdiscectomy. For every procedure, something different needs to be done to solve the problem effectively. The surgeon will diagnose your condition and then let you know what treatment plan will be best for your condition.

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