What are the treatment options available for the Lumbar Spine Herniated Disc

What are the treatment options available for the Lumbar Spine Herniated Disc?

August 1, 2020


Spine surgery in Ludhiana is designed for those who are suffering from certain back problems. In case, you are suffering from lumbar spine herniated disc, then you need to visit the specialist for an examination.

In this article, we are going to tell you treatment options for a herniated disc.

Rest and Activity Modification

The very first treatment is to relax to prevent condition enhancing behaviors. Most disks can solve if time is given. In all situations, behaviors that cause the condition worse will be stopped.

Medicines and oral steroids

Oral steroids can be used to diagnose acute (abrupt) disk hernia cases. Prednisone and Medrol are the medicines used. Nevertheless, the efficacy of pain is not obvious.

Ice and heat therapy.

Ice and heat may be really beneficial to relieve the debilitating effects of a herniation of the disc. Through support to calm the spine, ice, and heat treatments, muscle spasm can be alleviated and substantial pain relief may be given.

Different medications

Narcotic painkillers and muscle relaxers are most sometimes used. Medications are useful to serious, short-term pain relief. medications are useful. Such medications will, sadly, make you addicted and drowsy. They can not be used for short moments. Muscle relaxers are used to relieve backbone spasms often associated with disk herniation.

Medical Care or physical therapy

Physical rehabilitation and treatments to stabilize the lumbar spine will not explicitly change the herniated disc. It results in a load of disks and vertebras declining. Stronger, well-balanced muscles help stabilize the back of the lumbar and raise the possibility of nerves and disks or their destruction.

Anti-inflammatory medications

Non-steroids are widely administered to alleviate the discomfort involved with disc herniation. NSAIDs are often used and sometimes effective. These medicines can ease some strain on the stressed nerves by growing inflammation. Within the guidance of the doctor, NSAIDs will be included.

Injections containing epidural steroid

Cortisone injections can be given directly in the stimulation region of the nerve. The aim is to minimize nerve stress, including oral anti-inflammatory drugs. The drug is administered to the disk herniation area as the implant is used, rather than being ingested internally directly through the body.


Therapy of the herniated disc normally begins with the above measure or already mentioned steps. Nevertheless, a herniated disk surgical operation might be required immediately after the incident, if the nerve is severely squeezed. Symptoms of discomfort and sensory problems usually may not need to be handled instantly.

But, people with severe fatigue, cauda equina syndrome, or a fast-moving condition will require more urgent treatment. In very simple situations, the herniated disk should be excised endoscopically or microscopically. This is not necessarily advised, though, and a bigger operation could be required in certain instances.

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