Spine Surgery In Ludhiana

What is the painless treatment in the form of Cervical Spine Surgery?

June 20, 2020


One of the most essential aspects of the body is our back or spine. It’s the framework that determines our body. If we are thinking technically it’s part of our axial skeleton. The primary role of our back or spine is to support it upright. This applies to every position, even though we are sitting or standing. There are several diseases linked to our spine which affect its working badly. 

He may suggest you undergo spine surgery in Ludhiana because surgery is the best option to treat spine problems. There is one rising spinal surgery in the form of cervical spine surgery.

Painless treatment for spine problems

The cervical spine is explained as a complex structure in the neck and consists of seven bones. These 7 bones are known as vertebrae. Our cervical spine is beneficial to accommodate a head and assists you in moving your head as well as neck in different directions. The seven bones that are present in the cervical spine, usually divided by disks lined with a substance-like cushioning material. Our cervical spine has several specific structures from ligaments, tissues, bones, muscles, and joints as well.

You may not know that our spinal cord sends signals and messages to the brain to control the whole body. Cervical spine surgery falls under the brain and spine surgery category.

Cervical spondylosis is one of the most frequent diseases, which affects our cervical spine badly. It is a disease usually associated with age. It involves the cervical spinal joints and disks. Cervical spondylosis is induced primarily by wear and tear in bones and cartilage.

As we stated above, this condition is usually experienced by old age people like who are over 60 years old. There are several reasons behind this condition including-:

  • Overgrowth of the bone spur can push into fragile areas of the spine that can trigger severe pain and discomfort.

  • There are discs between our spinal bones. The gel-like material can get dry over time and cause bones to rub against each other. This is the condition, which leads you to chronic pain.

  • A common reason for this is also herniated disks. In this condition, the inner cushioning material leaks. The arm has numbness and radiates pain down it.

  • Neck injury like falling down or an accident. It can also happen if the spine is overused which puts extra pressure.

So, spine surgery is one of the most important treatment options for those with spine problems. If you are one of them, then you must visit a specialist. We have a team of specialists, who are always ready to serve you well so that you can lead a happy life without any problem. We may suggest you go with metal implants along with surgery because these are valuable to hold your vertebrae.