How yoga is beneficial for people to reduce the severity of back pain

How yoga is beneficial for people to reduce the severity of back pain?

July 7, 2020


Back pain problems are extremely common all over the world which at times can affect the normal working routine. The pain occurs when we sit for hours working at the same place. The problem occurs specifically in the lower back. In some cases, taking rest can reduce the intensity of pain. But, for some individuals, the ideal choice is to undergo spine surgery in Ludhiana to live a better quality of life. Surprisingly, yoga can also help the person with back pain.


How does yoga help with back pain?

Sometimes, the person can sit on the floor and slowly move into the favorite yoga pose which is known as a seated spinal twist. A simple twist to the right and left can help to restore the sore back.


Yoga is a great option to soothe lower back pain. The practice can help to strengthen muscles and stretch. It provides great support to the spine and back such as the paraspinal muscles that help to bend the spine, the multifidus muscles which stabilize the muscles, and transverse abdominis in the abdomen which stabilize the spine.


Yoga is the source of many injuries related to the back, especially for older adults. It has been seen that injury rates are higher among people at the age of 65 and older. In that case, the back is affected greatly as a result of sprains and strains.


Proper form is vital for people with back pain

The main problem with yoga-related back injuries in that individuals does not do proper form and speed. This means, the person drops the yoga pose quickly and they won’t do it for enough period.

The process is similar to jerking the body while dumbbell lifting and doing fast reps instead of doing a slow and controlled movement. At times, a person runs on a treadmill at top speed but does not increase the tempo speed steadily. This can result in greater chances of injury.

When you do yoga, you need to use the muscles to first create a solid foundation for movement and proper form needs to be followed which stretches the body and it should be lengthened with time.

For example: If you do a seated twist, you need to remember the point of the pose is to do it fast and as far as possible. You need to activate the core muscles and you will get a feeling the spine is lengthening. After that, you can slowly twist them and hold them for as long you feel comfortable and tension will melt away gradually.


Doing yoga when you feel back pain

  • Once you are allowed to do it, you need to follow the instructions of your yoga instructor to ensure you do it correctly without putting pressure on the back. Talk to the doctor and ensure you are allowed to do it without putting more pressure on the back.
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