How To Prepare for Back surgery

How To Prepare for Back surgery

April 21, 2020


Back pain is one of the most common issues faced by people of different age groups. In some cases, the pain is mild and it goes away with time. But, sometimes the person needs to undergo back surgery so that they can feel better. This guide will help you to prepare for the back surgery.

Given below is the detailed guideline given by our spine surgeon to prepare for the back surgery:


  • Stay active


Back pain can make it difficult for you to move easily. But, make sure that you keep yourself moving as much as you can. Exercise will help your body to feel normal and also keep the bodyweight right. By doing so, the recovery process will speed up and the chances of blood circulation or blood clot will reduce.


  • Grab as much knowledge as you can 


It is essential to educate yourself about the treatment. You should understand how the surgery works, make sure to clear all your doubts with the surgeon before the treatment starts. If the surgeon is using the latest technology or method feel free to talk with them about the procedure. Understand what to expect before and after the surgery.


  • Avoid taking the anti-inflammatory drugs


You should avoid taking anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen. One week before the surgery, you should not take them. They can make the blood thin which increases the risk of surgery.

Make sure to consult your doctor if you are taking any supplements or medications. Keeping your doctor informed about everything is essential for successful results.


  • Consider the second opinion


If you have any doubts or want reassurance then you should talk to another surgeon.


  • Surgery is not a miracle


No doubt, you are undergoing the surgical procedure to solve your problem. But, it will only give effective results when you take care of yourself. If you keep your body weight normal, follow a healthy diet, and stay active the outcomes will be the best. But, if you start smoking, drinking, do not exercise, or eat unhealthy food then the back problem can come back after the surgery.


  • Have someone with you during recovery


The recovery can take weeks or months depending on what type of surgery you are undergoing. Additionally, everyone’s body is different so you need to make sure that you have someone by your side to recover easily.

They will help you go through the recovery and if you want anything it will make things easy for you.

Make sure you prepare yourself so that you feel less stressed while undergoing the surgery. Clear all your doubts and concerns with the doctor right away. If you are facing the issue, then book your appointment with our doctor today only!

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