Guide on Lumbar Spine Problems in Elite Athletes by a spine surgeon

Guide on Lumbar Spine Problems in Elite Athletes by a spine surgeon

July 10, 2020


Part of being an elite athlete means managing injury. Every athlete has achieved a success which is done by learning to prevent injury, recovery from injury, and manage injuries. If there is an injury, it seems a cause of concern for the athlete’s future which can trigger back problems. If the pain is increasing with time or it is getting worse then you need to contact the surgeon to get spine surgery in Ludhiana.

Lumbar Disc Herniation

The spinal columns are made of rectangular-shaped bones known as vertebrae and they are stacked on each other. The lower segment of the spinal column is known as the lumbar spine. The spinal vertebrae are separated by an intervertebral disc which helps to absorb energy and also allows for movement. The intervertebral discs are susceptible to injury and they can be perfect for self-repair. The disc movement is limited which damages the disc material and the body cannot heal on its own.

  • The most common type of disc damage is herniation. With this problem, the material is pushed away from the boundary and nerves can get pressed. Its most common symptoms include weakness, pain, and numbness down the lower extremity.
  • Herniation of the lumbar intervertebral disc is a serious issue. If the disc is pressing the central part of the spinal nerves of the lumbar it can result in cauda equina syndrome and conus medullaris syndrome. It is important to get the treatment of these conditions right before it becomes serious.


Degenerative Disc Disease

  • Degenerative disc disease is a common problem, both in the athletic, and nonathletic populations. Normally, an intervertebral disc is made largely of water and it contains a spongy cushion. Older athletes are more prone to developing degenerative discs of the spine.
  • Degenerative disc disease affects the athletes who have issues with back pain and ultimately they need to get imaging studies and undergo MRIs and X-rays. Most of the time, patients can get relief by undergoing non-surgical treatment. Physical therapy is given to the patients which focuses on core and strengthening the lumbar spine. The treatment aims to improve muscle strength which surrounds the spine.

You need to get in touch with the doctor and understand what treatment plan suits you the best.


Spondylolysis is a repetitive use injury to the bone of the vertebrae of the lumbar spine. This condition can result in a stress fracture of the vertebrae part. If the problem occurs on the right and left side of the spinal column it will result in vertebrae instability. Spondylolysis is common in athletes who play sports like diving, weight lifting, wrestling, and gymnastics. If the activity levels are increased in high school or collegiate athletics then the issue can become symptomatic.


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