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What all you need to know about new back surgery technologies in Punjab?

October 13, 2020


Latest Back Surgery Technologies In Punjab: Technological development in spine surgery is increasing at a fast-pace. It allows the patient to be at ease and comfort for all their lives. Mostly the newest techniques of the spine surgery are focused on achieving the following goals:

  • Preserving motion in the spinal segment.
  • Enhancing the spinal fusion which is between the adjacent segments.
  • Reducing postoperative pain.
  • Increasing recovery.
  • Making a less invasive approach for better results.

To achieve the goals, technological advancement is considered the best choice and their use is becoming common every day. The spine surgery in Ludhiana performed by the surgeons uses the advanced methods. The technology makes the use of 3D cameras, computer-assisted navigation, and less exposure to radiation which is performed with certain spinal surgeries.

 What are the newest surgical techniques and procedures?

Cervical artificial disc replacement

During this treatment, an artificial disc is inserted and it has become a reliable choice as compared to the ACDF (Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion). Additionally, the mainstay alternative replacement surgery is performed on a 2-level procedure.

Spinal fusion

With time, the outcome of fusion surgery is improving and increasing fusion rates. The complications are reduced and postoperative pain also. The areas which need the changes are less invasive, changes in implants/cages, and various graft options to increase the method and material of fixation.

Minimally invasive sacroiliac (SI) Joint fusion

The newer and less invasive fusion methods are commonly offered treatment options which can reduce the pain that is because of sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

Vertebral augmentation

Surgical treatment for the painful fractured vertebra helps the patient to choose the different options of minimally invasive surgery, the patient with osteoporosis can be benefited from non-surgical options. Undergoing the surgery will help the patient to get relief from pain, and they will live a better life.

Select the experienced surgeon

If you are looking to undergo spine surgery, then you need to choose an experienced and qualified surgeon. Make sure you do not rush to make the decision and choose the surgeon who has a better understanding of the treatment and the way it works.

If you are in doubt about whom you need to consult then get in touch with our surgeon today only. He is going to understand your condition and accordingly tell you which treatment plan will make you live a normal life like you used to.

The success of spine surgery treatment

Spine surgery is a combination of science and art. Advancement in spine surgery has improved the way techniques are offered. The diagnosis can be done in a better way, and surgical technologies that are enhanced have been able to reduce the complications, and downtime is reduced.


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