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Spine Surgery | Best Spine Surgeon in Ludhiana, Punjab


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Dr. Rajinder Singh

MBBS. MS, Mch (Orthopaedics)

Dr. Rajinder is the most hard-working and stedfast Spine doctor. He has experience of more than 22 years in the field of Spine surgery and orthopedics. He specializes in managing complex surgery with his experience and skills.

Dr. Rajinder Singh is the MD of the “KALYAN HOSPITAL – ENDOSCOPIC SPINE & Ortho Centre in Ludhiana”. Moreover, his skills and expertise have helped people from all over the world. He is well-known in the field of spinal, arthroscopic, and spinal surgery. He completed his orthopedics degree in 1994 and MCH (Ortho) from the U.S.

Under his supervision, you will be able to recover quickly and get back to your normal life. From simple fracture to complex injury, he has a proper understanding of every treatment. His extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the treatment helps the patient get complete satisfaction. His unmatched skills for endoscopic surgery have made him the best in the Punjab region.

Why Choose us

At Kalyan Hospital, the world’s best clinical team will provide the best spine care for you. Our multidisciplinary team will give you comprehensive nonsurgical treatments to complex and revision surgery for your condition so that you can get optimal results.

Personalized care

We focus on giving personal care to each patient to recognize their needs. We focus on giving the standard treatment in the field of Spine surgery.


At Kalyan, we focus on giving quality service by following the latest treatment options. So, considering treatment at our hospital means you are in safe hands.

Expertise and Skills

The medical service is getting better with time and the spine subject is evolving with time. Well, every person is different so there is “no one size fits all” of any type of surgery. We focus on following the standards and give the patient the choice of choosing the implant & material required for the spine surgery. In simple words, every patient will get a tailored treatment plan according to his/her spine condition.

What Our Patients Are Saying

At Kalyan Diagnostic Centre, we believe in a high-level diagnosis and treatment program. We encourage you and your loved ones for active participation in your treatment plan.

Treatments and Services

Pain Specialists at Kalyan Hospital are pleased to offer you a comprehensive and holistic pain relief service and treatment program to improve your quality of life.

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Spine Surgery FAQs

Our focus is to give you a best-in-class pain management solution. Learn more about the treatment and what you can expect while undergoing the treatment.

Every patient will experience pain differently. This is why our spine doctor will include a pain management program as per the patient's needs and how much discomfort he or she is facing. When you visit for the consultation, the doctor will ask you what all medications you are taking. This helps the doctor to understand which one has been more effective in addressing your problem. Make sure you tell the doctor if you have been allergic to any medication. The doctor will check your pain level regularly. Additionally, you should not smoke, drink, or use any kind of drug. Our main goal is to manage the pain and make sure you can get to a normal working routine on time.
In the recovery room, the nursing staff and anesthesiologist will manage the discomfort. The doctor will ask you to rate the pain from 0 to 10. According to the pain level, you will get the medication. Ongoing care is very essential for all patients.
Usually, the patient needs to stay for 1 to 5 days and depending on what type of procedure is done. In case, the patient has undergone microdiscectomy they can go back home on the same day of surgery. Before the discharge, the doctor will let you know whether you can go back home or if you need to visit a rehabilitation centre. In case, you have any questions regarding the discharge then you should ask the doctor, nurse, or any other team member.
In most cases, the patient can get to a normal working routine within one to 2 weeks. When you visit for the follow up the doctor will let you the timeframe to get back to the normal working routine like exercise, work, driving, and sexual activity. The time frame can depend on the patient's condition.
Following surgery, the doctor will tell you whether you need to get a brace. This depends on different factors like procedure type and bone integrity. The need to use the braces is to protect the bones and guard them against any fall.
The physical therapist will know whether there is a need to get special equipment to make you feel comfortable and safe throughout the recovery. The therapist will let you know what you need and where it needs to be placed.
The patient should make a list of the medications they are currently taking. You should bring any valuables like jewelry or other items that can get lost in your hospital stay.




What is Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery?

Spine surgery is performed as open surgery. It means opening the problematic area with a long incision and allows the surgeon to view the anatomy. With the technological advancements, it has made it possible to treat the neck and back condition with a minimally invasive procedure. With MMIS, there is no need for long incision so the surrounding muscles of the spine are not damaged. Due to this, the recovery is fast and pain is minimal.

Spine surgery is recommended when the non-surgical treatment option like medications and physical therapy did not help the patient to get relief from the symptoms. Additionally, the surgery is recommended when the doctor can know the reason for pain like spinal stenosis or herniated disc. A minimally invasive procedure is used for spinal fusion and lumbar decompression. Decompression relieves pressure on spinal nerves by removing portions of a herniated disk. Spinal fusion corrects the issue with the spine bones (vertebrae). This is done so that the painful vertebrae heal into a single bone.

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